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Real Estate Appraisals

We provide real estate appraisals for commercial  properties in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York for a number of different purposes, e.g., for internal business purposes, in connection with mortgage financing or refinancing, estate planning, property acquisitions and sales, tax abatements, etc.  We have performed hundreds of real estate appraisals for local, regional, national and international financial institutions, property owners, investors, attorneys, accountants, developers and prospective purchasers in order to furnish objective asset valuations.

We have developed a reputation for being able to handle difficult and/or unique assignments for our clients in addition to more traditional valuation problems.  We attribute this to our experience, our analytical skills and our realistic approach to valuation.

     Real Estate Consulting Services

We perform a number of traditional commercial real estate consulting activities. These include market and rental analyses, economic studies, financial analyses of traditional and complex real estate projects and development assistance.  These services include development concepts, site evaluations, analysis of all practical options, negotiations with developers and/or general contractors, and assisting with project implementation.

In all our projects we perform complete and thorough research and  sophisticated analysis, as well as an understanding of real estate market trends, combined with an objective evaluation of future conditions.  Our services are based on requirements established by the client on each project involved.

We have successfully negotiated the acquisition of land for development of assisted living communities.  We have undertaken numerous financial and market studies, as well as appraisals, and underwriting of senior housing and low/moderate income housing developments financed with federal and state assisted housing programs such as FHA Section 236, 221 (d)(3) and Low Income Housing Tax Credit.


Wireless Telecommunications Services


We have a long track record of providing consulting services to the wireless telecommunications industry.  We have consulted directly for the acquisition of over 100 telecommunications tower and antenna sites during the past six years.  We are experienced and well-positioned to seek out and acquire appropriate sites throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.  We have a working knowledge and ongoing rapport with numerous personnel for many wireless telecommunications owners/developers, service providers and subcontractors in order to complete development of a wireless communication tower or antenna site.  This allows us to work efficiently and effectively for our clients.

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